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- Made with Love, Made in Portugal -


Primeira Casa da Rua, (First House of the Street), is a blog that began more than 6 years ago, by the hand of the designer Nuno Matos Cabral, always having sustainability and environmental awareness as principles. Now, it is also an online store with home decoration, which seeks to dictate new trends, always thinking in you.


You have at your disposal pieces carefully selected by the designer Nuno Matos Cabral, with more than 17 years of experience, working as Interior and Product Designer in countrys like Portugal, Italy and FranceThe PCR has products made in Portugal, executed by the best craftsmen's. You have services that whant to help you decorating your house. 


Our store is focused on innovation and respect for the environment, so that's why we also have products manufactured with reuse and unexpected products.


The PCR is a store that is constantly updated, always oriented to improve your shopping experience online and contribute to a better planet for present and future generations.


"Nothing is wasted, everything is transformed."

Nuno Matos Cabral


Talk with us whenever and wherever you like.

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